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Chapter 2351 Constitution

and Bylaws


Chapter 2351 Constitution



I.  Name


The name of this chapter will be known as the Sooner Cowboys State Chapter Number 2351 of NARFE located in the State of Oklahoma. 

Article II.  Objectives


Section 1. To support and work toward the objectives of NARFE as set forth in Section 3 of NARFE's Articles of Incorporation. In furtherance of these objectives, chapter activities will conform to NARFE's Bylaws. It will operate in unity with policies established by NARFE's national convention and National Executive Board, together with such other activities looking toward the preservation of American institutions and ideals as will be espoused by NARFE.


Section 2. The chapter will not enter into activities, arrangements or agreements, which conflict with programs or activities of NARFE. 

Article III.  Membership Eligibility


Any person who is or will be eligible to receive an annuity or a survivor annuity from any of the civilian retirement programs of any agency of the government of the United States or of the District of Columbia will be eligible for membership in the chapter.

Article IV.  Officers


The officers of the chapter will be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer (if the two offices are combined) and such other officers as are designated in the chapter Bylaws.

Article V.  Dues


The chapter will establish dues that are necessary to meet expenses of carrying out its business and functions. Any chapter document relating to dues or contributions must contain this statement: "Dues payment and gifts or contributions to NARFE are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes."

Article VI.  National Convention Delegates


Delegates to the Association's national convention will be elected by the chapter's voting members in accordance with the national bylaws, as soon as possible after the official count of membership and delegate strength is issued by national headquarters.


Article VII.  Bylaws


The chapter will adopt Bylaws as are deemed appropriate and necessary. The Bylaws must be consistent with the Chapter Constitution and the Association's Articles of Incorporation and National Bylaws, and provide a method by which they may be amended.


Article VIII.  Amendments


An amendment of this constitution may be made by concurrence of a two-thirds vote of members present and voting at any regular business meeting, provided written notice of the proposed amendment was transmitted to all chapter voting members not less than thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which the vote is taken. Amendments must then be approved at National Headquarters before becoming effective.




Chapter 2351 Bylaws



Article I.  Officers and Executive Board


Section 1. Officers.  The chapter officers shall be President, Vice President (or First and Second Vice President), Secretary, and Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer, if the two offices are combined).

Section 2. Election and Term of Office.  The term of office shall be two years. The election of officers shall be held bi-annually on the day prior to the first business day of the Oklahoma Federation annual convention. Chapter members will be sent the ballot via United States Postal Service (USPS) mail or E-mail thirty (30) days prior to the election. Returned ballots (via USPS or E-mail) will be counted if received by the Secretary five (5) days prior to the first business day of the Oklahoma Federation annual convention.

Section 3. Duties.  The chapter President shall appoint members to serve on all committees of the chapter. The duties of officers and committee chairs shall be those designated in NARFE publications F-54 through F-60

Section 4. Executive Board.  There shall be an Executive Board, which consists of the elected officers, appointed officers, and committee chairs. The Executive Board shall conduct business between chapter meetings and provide guidance for the chapter. The Executive Board shall prepare an annual budget for presentation and approval at the annual meeting. The Executive Board shall exercise such other functions as the chapter may prescribe.


Article II.  Membership


Section 1. Eligibility.  Any person eligible to join NARFE, or a member of NARFE in good standing, may become a member of this chapter. The Oklahoma Federation President, upon closing a chapter, may assign any or all members of such chapters to this chapter. However, members have the option of joining another Federation Chapter.  A member in good standing is defined as one who has paid his/her NARFE and chapter dues.

Section 2. Honorary Life Membership.  To become an Honorary Life Member, a member must be 85 years of age and a NARFE member in good standing for 20 years. Information for determining eligibility for honorary membership will be verified by the chapter Secretary from NARFE Headquarters and, if approved, all further chapter dues will be waived.


Article III.  Committees


Section 1. Membership. The duties of this committee will be to recruit and retain members for the chapter.

Section 2. Legislative.  The duties of this committee shall be to keep abreast of state and national legislative matters concerning federal civil annuitants and survivors. The committee shall make recommendations to chapter officials on proposed actions for members to undertake regarding legislative initiatives by the state or federal governments.

Section 3. Other Committees. The President may appoint a Service Officer, Public Relations Officer, Sunshine Committee and other such committees as deemed necessary.


Article IV.  Meetings


Section 1. Annual Meeting.  The annual meeting will be held on the day prior to the first business day of the Oklahoma Federation annual convention, unless the meeting is canceled or postponed by previous chapter vote or by action of the chapter Executive Board, with due notice to members.

Section 2. Special Meetings.  Special meetings can be called by the chapter President when necessary, or upon written request of 20% of the chapter's voting members. Written notice of all special meetings will be given to chapter members in good standing at least seven (7) days prior to such meetings.

Section 3. Quorum.  A quorum for conducting chapter business will be two (2) officers. If less than a quorum is present, those present may adjourn to meet on a future date, of which due notice will be given to each chapter member in good standing.

Section 4. Electronic Meetings.  The chapter may conduct its business by online methods, or other means, when three (3) chapter officers are able to participate in such a meeting.

Section 5. Order of Business.  The order of business at the regular annual chapter meeting may be:

A.  Call to order

B.  Invocation

C.  Pledge of Allegiance

D.  Introduction of new members or visitors

E.  Reading or approval of minutes

F.  Officer reports

G.  Committee reports

H.  Unfinished business

I.  New business

J.  Announcements

K.  Program

L.  Adjournment


Article V.  Dues


Section 1. Member Dues.  The chapter dues will be determined by the members to meet the expenses of carrying out chapter business.  The dues may be changed by a majority vote of members present at the regular annual meeting without amending these bylaws. Any chapter document relating to dues or contributions must contain the statement: "Dues payment and gifts or contributions to NARFE are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes."

Section 2. Officer Dues.  Included in the chapter expenses will be a stipend payable to each elected officer who is in good standing.  The stipend amount will be equal to the annual NARFE National Membership Dues plus the annual Sooner Cowboy State Chapter Dues.


Article VI.  Affiliation with State Federation


This chapter shall be affiliated with the Oklahoma Federation of Chapters and subject to the constitution and bylaws of that body.


Article VII.  Parliamentary Authority


The provisions of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, will govern the conduct of chapter business in all matters that are not addressed in the chapter constitution or bylaws, national bylaws or the Association's Article of Incorporation.


Article VIII.  Amendments


An amendment may be enacted by concurrence of a majority of the voting members present and voting at the regular annual or special called meeting, provided written notice of the proposed amendment is sent via USPS or E-Mail, to all chapter voting members not less than thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which the vote is taken.