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 About us


The Oklahoma Federation of Chapters consists of twenty chapters located throughout the state.  We serve members with active chapters who normally meet on a monthly basis with programs of interest and news on state and federal legislative matters of importance.

We also have a state-wide chapter ( Chapter 2351) for members whose active chapter has closed, live too far from an active chapter or who find it otherwise impossible to attend a meeting.  It is one of a few state-wide chapters whose purpose is to serve members in a chapter when their active chapter can no longer function.  This is becoming an increasing problem nation wide as chapters find they must close due to lack of leadership or declining membership.  Information of importance is passed along to members through this website and through e-mails and newsletters.  This chapter meets once biennially to conduct its business in conjunction with the biennial Federation Convention.

The officers of the federation and chapters work hard to carry out the work of NARFE and to keep its members informed of the progress of legislation which is vital to the protection of our earned retirement benefits.  We cannot take these benefits for granted.  What we have today can be taken away from us tomorrow.  And other benefits that need to be improved cannot happen unless we all work to inform our legislators of our needs. 

It is the goal of the Oklahoma Federation to ultimately open new chapters in places that can be accessible to more members.  Our organization needs to grow in order to become more effective.  Every active and retired federal employee and their spouse must know about NARFE and be encouraged to become a member.  Our strength is in numbers! 

But our numbers must also be informed and active in the business of protecting our earned benefits.  Every member should be actively interested in what is going on in Congress as they work legislation which is important to us.  We cannot sit back and expect that they will look out for us.  We must be active in protecting ourselves.

Stay informed, maintain your NARFE membership, and encourage other eligible federal employees, both active and retired, and their spouses to become members.  Our united strength can make a difference to those in congress who decide our laws.