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Instructions for Using Sample Membership Letters from the Oklahoma NARFE Website


Below you will find 7 generic letters created for use by Oklahoma NARFE Chapters for recruiting and retention of members.  They are in WORD format so each may be edited to fit your particular chapter.  Here are just a few tips to make them easier to use:

1.)  Double click on the Heading of each letter to add the name of your chapter and your chapter number where you see the question marks under the spelled out NARFE name.

2.)  Most of the items that need editing to fit your chapter are underlined.

3.)  Margins may be adjusted if you add much content to make everything fit on one page.  Experiences show that most people won't read a long letter so keeping the letter brief and to the point usually pays dividends.  The 7 letters you will see are all on one page.

Here are the letters for your use.


Agency Recruitment

Prospective Member

New Members

Dues Lapse

Dropped Member

Reinstated Member

Transferred Member


4.)  There are other letters on the NARFE National Website if you choose to look at them and adapt for your use.  They may not be edited but can be copied into a WORD document and edited from there.  To find them log in to the National NARFE Website, click on the yellow and orange box on the left side of the home page called "Officer Resources".  Then click on the "Tips, Tools, & Templates" link on the left column.  Then look for the link near the center of the page called "Communication Tools" and then "Sample Chapter/Federation Member Communications".